My drawings (always organized in cycles), also if different for themes they are also similar.
Their elements (mountains, clouds, creatures) repeat themselves to the infinite with little variations, like in the Far Eastern art. My works do not evolve, but run through a difficult path of inner search. The sense of living, the mistery of death.... with a paper sheet.... with some pencils....

Luisa Rota Sperti

The Work lives through the contemplation, feeding of placing gazes. Beyond its physical presence, often it is the reproduced image that testimonies its existence, and never, as in the contemporaneity, the presence reveals itself as prevailing virtual. For my work, it isn't so, it never has been. Photographers and printers (for more than fifty years) tried to make and sell a copy of my drawings similar to the original, without success. As the time passed by, the tonal passages, always more subtle, have highlighted the ilegibility of the reproduced works. My paintings, so peculiar, must really be seen with the nose upon the glass.

A location map of some works, representative of my main cycles, wishes to propose an occasion of "visitation", different from the usual "temporary shows" usually sprinkling the art paths.

This is only an "antechamber": in the biographical site, there are all the details about my work.



In the Dolomites, the complete cycle "Pino la morte e il Pelmo" (Pino, the Death and the Pelmo Mountain), 11 plates.
In the Grigne, the complete cycle "Sass Cavall", 5 plates.

Luisa Rota Sperti

Twinning Cammina(r)te in the Grigne - Cammina(r)te at Mount Pelmo

At the Piani Resinelli (Lecco), in the Rifugio Soldanella, five works from "... ai confini del cielo" (Leggende nelle Dolomiti) - At the Sky Boundaries, legends of the Dolomites.

- La capanna delle miosotidi (Myosotis' hut)
- La pittrice del monte Faloria (The painter of Mount Faloria)
- Le fondamenta incantate (The enchanted foundations)
- La val de la Saliévyes (Saliévyes' valley)
- Il canto fatale (The fatal song)

Luisa Rota Sperti - Le fondamenta incantate - The enchanted foundations

At the Alpine observatory (Palazzo delle Paure) in Lecco

- "La conquista del Cerro Campana"
(The conquest of Cerro Campana)
Widw plate dedicated to the mountaineer Giuseppe Alippi, the "Det".

Luisa Rota Sperti

In the C.A.I. branches of Milano, Bergamo, Bassano del Grappa works from the cycle "Dalle Cattedrali della terra ai sentieri dei cielo" (From Earth Cathedrals to the Sky Paths)

- Oswald Gabriel Haupt / Brenta
- Andrea Oggioni / Cinque Torri
- John Ball / Pelmo

Luisa Rota Sperti - Andrea Oggioni

In the C.A.I. branch Grigne di Mandello del Lario from the cycle "nessun uomo è un'isola" (No Man is an Island)

- Riccardo Cassin portrait

Luisa Rota Sperti - Riccardo Cassin

In Bolzano at the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian plates from the cycle "Kailãs: Viaggiatori incantati e pellegrini" (Kailãs: Enchanted Travellers and Pilgrims)

- Fosco Maraini
- Lama Anagarika Govinda and Li Gotami
- Sven Anders Hedin
- Annie Taylor and Pontso

Luisa Rota Sperti - Fosco Maraini

At Museo Vittorino Cazzetta in Selva di Cadore from "Intorno al Pelmo" (Around the Pelmo)

- Monte Pelmo parete nord (Mount Pelmo North Wall)

Luisa Rota Sperti - Monte Pelmo

In Auronzo di Cadore - Foresta di Somadida from the cycle "... ai confini del cielo" (Leggede nelle Dolomiti) - At the Sky Boundaries, legends of the Dolomites.

- Donna Dindia
- La regina dei Croderes
- Le nozze di Merisana

Luisa Rota Sperti - Elba

At the Bottega del Commercio Equo in Lecco from "Mappa-Mondo il Calendario Perpetuo" - Globe perpetual calendar

- Padre Alex Zanotelli

Luisa Rota Sperti - Alex Zanotelli

Galleria Bellinzona in Lecco and Milano, works in show from the cycles

- "Sacre Meteore"
- "Vitae Patrum"
- "Il Racconto di un pellegrino russo" (complete cycle)

Galleria Marelia in Bergamo, works in show from the cycles

- "Dalle Cattedrali della terra ai sentieri del cielo" - From Earth Cathedrals to the Sky Paths
- "... ai confini del cielo" (Leggende nelle Dolomiti) - At the Sky Boundaries, legends of the Dolomites.

Luisa Rota Sperti - Francis Fox Tuckett

Luisa Rota Sperti is an Italian artist born in Lecco. She lives and draws in Somana, a hamlet of Mandello del Lario, at the feet of the Grigne mountains. Her main working tool is the pencil and her works are structured into different cycles, rich of inner and outer references to history, the mighty ancient sagas and mythology.
Her main theme is the mountain: the physical ascent, the spiritual ascent. continues...

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